Monday, 18 April 2016

The 13th is Magic!

There haven't been any new arrivals at Hawthorn Bay for a while now (the last family to arrive were the Whiskers cats in December last year) however a couple of families (funnily enough, both Solitaire cat families) have visited, passing through on their way to their new homes in far away places. 

The latter of the two arrived last Wednesday (the 13th) & they haven't left for their new home yet, & I wanted to check their condition out & take some photos to share with their new owner. 

I was especially taken with the sister Solitaire from this family, she has such a sweet expression, but they're all lovely & make a very handsome family. 

It seems that brother Solitaire is quite the character & a bit of a comedian.

Ahhh, that face!

The book in the background is The 13th is Magic! by Joan Howard.  It's a children's fantasy book from 1950 about a brother & sister named Jill & Ronnie & their adventures after a magical cat named Merlin moves in with them.

Sister Solitaire is quite the adventurer & wanted to go outside to explore.

& while we were outside we ran into some of the locals (2 of our neighbours cats) - Lily (grey female) & Jet (black male).  Lily stopped to pose for some photos.

Sister Solitaire survived her encounter with the giant cat with all 9 lives intact & a fun story to tell once she makes it to her new home.