Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Holding at bay

Just a quick update..  Very little has been going on with Hawthorn Bay in the past month & a half.  There've been no new arrivals & I haven't made anything for them recently as I've been working on some other things.

My collection has expanded quite quickly - up until April 2014 I only had 1 Sylvanian figure (Sophie Snow-Warren who I mentioned in my first post) & my first building (Madeline's Boutique, as mentioned in my second post) was purchased secondhand in October last year.

Since then my collection of Sylvanian buildings has expanded quite a bit (totalling 25 to date).  I still have a few buildings I'd like to add to Hawthorn Bay, but before getting anymore it was more important to have somewhere to store what I have up to now.  I wanted a cheapish temporary solution until I can create space elsewhere in the house & bought 2 Hyllis shelving units to try & store everything on.

I managed to get 23 of my 25 houses on there (just Copper Beech cottage & the small Sylvanian Toy Shop didn't fit on), & it will do for now, at least everything is (pretty much) all in one space.  

From bottom to top:
Lakeside Lodge, Carry Case Cottage, Orchard Cottage & Rose Cottage.

Larchwood Lodge, 2 Souvenir Shops, Ivy Cottage & Bramble Cottage..

Log Cabin, Tomy School House, Watermill Bakery & Bakery.

2 Madeline's Boutiques, 2 Post Offices, 1 Cottage Hospital, 2 Betty's Toy Box, Field View Mill, Bluebell Cottage/Riverside Lodge & Summer House.


  1. Your storage shelves look very neat - I like the way all the cottages look at the bottom, with their different colours but same design :)

  2. Thanks Aranera, the cottage shops are so cute & cheery aren't they! They do look fun lined up next to each other. I think i'm going have to add Applewood cottage at some point to complete my collection of cottages (& give a home to my currently homeless Buckley deer).