Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Surprise gifts & disappearances..

Before the recent Solitaire family who visited, I briefly played host to another Solitaire family.  I mailed them off to their new home in December & was hoping that they would have arrived by now but the owner still hasn't received them & fears they've been lost in the mail.  I've been holding out, hoping they were just taking a long time to arrive.

I included some gifts in the package for the ladies of the family (2 of my crocheted dresses in pink) & took some photos of the lades in their dresses before mailing them off, but sadly only took quick photos of the whole family to show to their owner when they first arrived.

I don't know if having the photos will make their loss worse or at least give their owner something to remember them by, but here they are..

The other Solitaire family I played host to more recently also left with a couple of gifts (dresses I crocheted in white & light blue). Thankfully they made it safely to their new home.  I didn't post the photos before as I wanted the dresses to be a surprise, but now they've been received I can share them. 

Only looking back at these photos did I notice that both the Solitaire daughters had droopy whiskers.  

I'm still hoping that the first Solitaire family turns up.


  1. Aww, the cuteness in this post! I love this family, even though I do not own one.

  2. How lovely figures :) The solitare cats look so cute in your lovely dresses.